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Teeth Whitening Central London

At Stanhope Place Dental Practice we want our patients to have beautiful, healthy smiles. We work with each patient individually. First we make sure you are a good candidate for whitening based on your dental health and history. Then we work with you to identify your whitening needs.

We offer two solutions to help you to brighten your smile. If you want immediate results, Dr. Pourkavoos can whiten your teeth up to eight shades in about an hour using ZOOM! ™. If you are more comfortable with gradual whitening a custom, take-home, whitening system can be created for you. Some patients may experience increased sensitivity immediately following ZOOM! ™ treatment but this symptom typically dissipates after a day or two and your smile will remain white and bright.

If you prefer whitening over time, Dr. Pourkavoos recommends a professional-grade, take-home gel and tray system. Most take-home system users notice a difference after just 2-3 treatment sessions. With simple maintenance, your whitening results are long lasting.

Our entire team welcome any questions you may have about Zoom Whitening or teeth whitening in general on 020 7724 7440020 7724 7440. Otherwise feel free to download our free information sheet and Book an Appointment for a consultation.