Private Dentist Care

“These consultations give me confidence that I am receiving dental care of the highest quality”

Professor Michael Gibbons

General dentistry at my dental pratice includes many aspects of dental treatment. General dentistry covers areas including consultations, crowns, dental bridges, white fillings, checkups and teeth cleaning, root canal therapy, tooth extractions and gum disease treatment.

The best way for you to look after your oral health is to have regular dental checkup as well as visits to my hygienistis. Regular appointments will allow me to find and prevent major dental problems before they progress further. This also saves you money as you will avoid more expensive dental treatments.

Your general dental health is my key priority. Following your first visit, I will work out a dental treatment plan for you. This dental plan is to get you to the optimal level of oral health that suits you. It will include urgent treatment required, as well as short term, medium term and long term goals to improve your health. The written treatment plan will include treatment timing as well as the estimated treatment costs.

I understand that many people are concerned about the costs of dental treatment. I will work with you to structure your treatment that works best for you. We will explain to you every aspect of your treatment plan so that you understand about your own dental health.

What can you expect of me? 

I have a comprehensive knowledge of dentistry and current techniques, which puts me in the position of being able to offer an in depth assessment of your dental needs and formulate treatment plan, which will be based on the most appropriate treatment options that suits your particular requirements.

My practice is equipped to deal with the majority of dental treatments, which you may require. This may be simple dental procedures such as white fillings, cosmetic treatments such as porcelain veneers, Zoom tooth whitening or complex dental treatments such as root canal treatment or replacement of teeth with dental implants.

My qualifications, skills and experience have enabled me to develop particular expertise in dealing with complex dental treatments, where full rehabilitation of the dentition is needed to reattain the full function of a broken down dentition.

If your dental treatment is complex to the extent that you require treatment provided by a specialist, then I am able to arrange referral to either our local dental hospital (when appropriate) or a specialist practice.  I am proud to have developed close working relationships with some of London’s top specialists; so that you can be assured that you will receive excellent quality care.

What is different about my practice?

With my considerable skill, knowledge and gentle care I am entirely driven by a desire to provide quality dental treatments by restoring mouths to good health and achieving excellent aesthetic results.

My entire team are dedicated, caring dental professionals whose focus is on providing the highest level of quality customer care during your visits to my practice and beyond with outstanding aftercare.