Dental Hygienist Central London


Ms. Fariba Kohbahani    GDC register 5925
Ms. Marina Salvati            GDC register 3531

As of 1st of May 2013, the general public have been granted direct access to hygienists in England. This means that as a new dental patient you can directly book an appointment to see either Fariba or Marina without the need to see a dentist first.

Fariba and Marina play a key role in my practice. They will educate you and treat your gums, the benefit is that you are likely to keep your teeth a lot longer and it will reduce the chances of you getting gum disease.

The services, which Fariba and Marina provide are based on a 45 minute visit and have a fixed price; there are no hidden extras or unexpected additions when you come to pay.

If your regular dentist does not employ a hygienist and you would like to have your teeth cleaned and polished by one of my dental hygienists, just ask and we will be happy to provide this service for you. If you wish, all other routine treatments, which you may require, can be dealt with by your regular dentist.

My clients, who regularly visit my dental hygienists, enjoy a wide range of benefits which include:

  • Improvement in their confidence by helping them to look and  feeling their best
  • Eliminate bad breath
  • Make their teeth look whiter without the need for tooth whitening
  • Improve the health of their gums, which lays the foundation to keep their teeth for longer
  • Look younger and healthier by improving their oral health

My hygienists will provide treatment to remove the built up of plaque and calculus on your teeth at regular intervals. Plaque is a film of bacteria that forms on the surfaces of our teeth on a daily basis. These bacteria are responsible for a wide spectrum of dental problems ranging from bleeding from the gums caused by gingivitis to more significant gum disease, periodontitis. Currently, Periodontitis is the number one causes for loss of teeth in the UK.

Fariba and Marina also share the responsibility for educating my clients in methods and techniques, which helps them to maintain their dental health at an optimal level.

Evidence is now suggesting that periodontal disease can be a risk factor in cardiovascular disease and respiratory disease. People with periodontal disease are at a greater risk of heart disease and have twice the risk of fatal heart attack than people without periodontal disease. It is believed that the bacteria that cause periodontal disease may cause small blood clots to form, which can contribute to clogged arteries and built up of fatty deposits within the heart arteries. Periodontal disease has now been shown to be a risk factor for having a low birth weight babies. Mothers with untreated periodontal disease may be at a 7 times greater risk for having premature or low birth weight babies. Periodontal disease has been known for some time to be interrelated with diabetes. Bleeding gums, bone loss and increases in pocket depths may be an early indicator of diabetes. Diabetics are more susceptible to periodontal diseases and often require more periodontal care than non – diabetic patients. 

To book an appointment to see our dental hygienist please call 020 7724 7440020 7724 7440. Otherwise feel free to download our free information sheet and fill out an enquiry form for a consultation.